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Pricing Packages

Our pricing model ensures we focus on helping you sell more

Enterprise Retail

Contact us directly for if you are an enterprise e-commerce or bricks and mortar retailer who sells large volumes of product on a daily basis such as our customers, BigW and Vegemite.

E-commerce 3D Product Customiser

Contact usWe have dedicated integrations for Shopify, Woocomerce and BigCommerce e-commerce platforms. If the plans detailed below do not suit your requirements, or you have further questions, please contact us on

  • 9.95 $USD Teaser Plan monthly
    • 3 products*
    • Limit 10 Transactions/month
    • 3 Configured Designs (Workflows)
    • Bronze Customisation Features
    • High-res PDFs
    • Email Support
    • Free Feature Upgrades
  • 29.95 $USD Starter Plan 1 Month
    • 50 products
    • Unlimited Transactions (% fee applies)
    • Unlimited Designs (Workflows)
    • Silver Customizer Features
    • View Orders + High-res PDFs
    • Step Groupings
    • Augmented Reality
    • Autosend Print Files to your email
    • Cart Preview
    • Email/Web Conferncing
    • Customize ‘Personalize Now on Spiff’ Button

    *transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15

  • 99.95 $USD Customiser Plan 1 Month
    • All of the ‘Starter’ feature plus…
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Designs
    • Asset Repository
    • Gold Customizer Features
    • Customer AR Personalised product placement
    • Advanced Order Routing
    • Set Custom Pricing
    • Branded Configurator Loading Page

    *transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15

  • 249 $USD Enterprise 1 Month
    • All of the ‘Customizer’ Features plus…
    • Advanced Web Integrations
    • Custom Order Routing
    • Impostion and order rule setting
    • Customer Facing Services
    • Order Moderation Module
    • Connections to 3rd Fulfilment via API

    *transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15

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